Relationship Coaching

We live everyday of our lives in relationships - with our family, friends, partners and colleagues. Nothing can give us greater satisfaction, or at times, more frustration. Often people will seek out a relationship coach when they’re hoping to reinvigorate relationships that seem stuck, unproductive or unfulfilling. In working with relationships, I help each person become aware of the relationship’s strengths and potential so they can build on what’s working and create the relationship they each want.

I enjoy working with the following relationships:
  • Young couples just starting out;
  • Parents wanting to do an even better job with their young and adolescent children;
  • Professional teams working to create more productive relationships, stronger alignment and greater impact.

As a relationship coach I was trained by The Center for Right Relationship in their flagship program, Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC). “The ORSC Program was developed in response to the expressed desire of coaches as well as allied professionals to develop skills, competency and confidence to expertly work with relationship systems in a new way. It pioneers a breakthrough integrative model derived from Co-Active Coaching™, Systems Theory, Process Work, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Quantum Physics and Taoism.” (taken from The Center for Right Relationship website).


Together with my colleague Pearl Mattenson we are now offering focused relationship coaching around life cycle events.  You can learn more about this new program on our website www.watershedmomentscoaching.com.